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Ashlee B. - "Compassionate"

Sometimes where you start leads you right back to where you belong.

This is Ashlee’s story. Ever since she was young, she knew she wanted to work in healthcare and her path led to nursing. While in nursing school, Ashlee worked part-time as a home health aide for Interim HealthCare to get her feet wet in the industry. Little did she know, nine years later she would return to the company as a home health nurse and discover her true passion.

Ashlee’s parents helped fuel her drive to make a difference. During high school, her dad was a teacher and her mom worked in the hospital in a variety of roles, from admissions and scheduling to the ER as a unit clerk and CNA. They both chose careers that would positively impact others and it motivated her to do the same. Shortly after becoming a nurse, Ashlee’s mom went back to school to become a nurse as well. In many ways, they inspired each other to pursue their calling.

Each step of Ashlee’s career prepared her for the role she is in today. After graduation, Ashlee moved to Kansas and worked in a hospital caring for renal dialysis and chemo patients. She later became a charge nurse and helped train new nurses. After four years, Ashlee transitioned to a nursing home where she worked as a quality assurance nurse. This role taught her to look at everything and learn how to do things better to improve the lives of her patients—a skill she continues to hone today.

In 2014, Ashlee moved back to Lincoln, Nebraska where she took a job as a private duty nurse caring for an elderly woman. During this time, she realized how much she enjoyed caring for patients one-on-one in their home. After she passed, some friends working for Interim HealthCare encouraged her to consider a new path. In January 2016, Ashlee returned to the company as a home health nurse, where she once worked as an aide during college. You could say her career went full circle and along the way, she discovered the kind of nurse she wanted to be.

Within a few months, Ashlee was offered a position as an RN Case Manager. This is when her advocacy skills really flourished. Working in a low-income area, many of her patients need extra assistance. Ashlee is vigilant about connecting them to community resources that can help—from meals, medication and equipment to therapy and transportation to appointments. Her goal is to improve the lives of her patients and she does that by advocating for them to ensure they receive the support they need to stay out of the hospital. Ashlee believes the best care a person can receive is at home and she goes above and beyond to make that happen.

The most rewarding part of Ashlee’s job is the flexibility and independence it gives her to make her own schedule and provide the personalized care patients need to manage their health at home. Her office is very supportive and accessible for any needs that arise and there is great communication between the staff. Ashlee is also able to take online courses through the Interim HealthCare University training center, which enables her to grow and advance in her career. 

Ashlee’s compassionate nature and bubbly personality have made her an exceptional nurse. Some of her favorite patients are at a mental health facility. Despite the challenges they face, she gets to know them personally, makes them feel important and patiently teaches them how to care for their health. They all know her by name and look forward to her visits. This is just a glimpse into the amazing way she cares for others. In every way, Ashlee is made for this

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Interim HealthCare is the nation’s first home care company. A leader in our industry, we’ve been matching compassionate caregivers like you to clients in their homes since 1966. While we are national in scope, we operate through 300+ locally owned offices. At Interim, we are passionate about providing the kind of personalized care you can’t find anywhere else. We are a family of caregivers who are changing lives. It’s who we are.


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