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Brittanie H. - "Adventurous"

Going to the Banana Museum was just another adventure in Brittanie’s nursing story!

Brittanie is an RN Case Manager with Interim HealthCare Hospice in San Diego. Her interest in nursing began at a young age as she watched her mother, also a nurse, compassionately care for others. But, it was her grandmother’s experience with hospice that influenced her desire to care for others during the final stages of life. And, the relationships she has built along the way have been the highlights of her career.

Fostering relationships and uplifting an individual’s spirit are all part of Interim’s HomeLife Enrichment® care philosophy, and a huge part of what makes it so rewarding. Brittanie views every patient as an adventure and she is always up for the journey.

Whatever a patient’s end-of-life goals, Brittanie helps them achieve it. So, when a patient’s last wish was to visit the Banana Museum in San Diego, she made it happen. Another patient became a cherished friend and drove Brittanie and her husband to their wedding in a restored taxi from the Hotel del Coronado.

Every experience in her story is rich with meaning. In every way, Brittanie is made for this!

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Interim HealthCare is the nation’s first home care company. A leader in our industry, we’ve been matching compassionate caregivers like you to clients in their homes since 1966. While we are national in scope, we operate through 300+ locally owned offices. At Interim, we are passionate about providing the kind of personalized care you can’t find anywhere else. We are a family of caregivers who are changing lives. It’s who we are.


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