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Jackie J. - Loving

This CNA's loving nature made her perfect for this career; the flexibility it offers made the career perfect for her.

This is Jackie’s story. Caring for others from the heart is what makes her shine, and what a difference it makes to her patients. Jackie has been a CNA for Interim HealthCare® Staffing in Longview, Texas for nearly a year and it has proved to be an ideal career path in many ways.

Since Jackie was young, the importance of caring for others was instilled in her by her mother, a Home Health Aide herself. Being part of a big family, they all cared for each other. So, when her mother and brother’s health declined, she became their caregiver as well, until the time they passed. As difficult as it was, these personal life experiences shaped her into the compassionate and loving CNA she is today.

Over the course of her career, Jackie has worked in a variety of care settings, ranging from nursing homes and hospice to home healthcare. Caregiving is all she has ever known, and it fits her well. But, when her husband was diagnosed with cancer, she needed a position with more flexibility. At Interim HealthCare Staffing, she was able to make her own schedule so she could attend his appointments and be available during treatments. The staff at Interim really support her, communicating openly, listening to her needs and ensuring they connect her to fulfilling assignments that fit her schedule. She loves being part of Interim because they genuinely care about their employees and it feels more like a family.

Working for Interim Staffing has really expanded Jackie’s career, allowing her to visit other facilities, get a change of scenery, meet new people and gain more experience as she learns different approaches to care. Overall, it has been a great career opportunity that has made balancing the demands of work and life so much easier.

The most rewarding part of Jackie’s job is the appreciation and love her patients express for the care she provides while feeling valued by her Interim team. One night, she was working in a nursing home when she heard a lady making noises. When Jackie checked in on her to see if she was okay, she said, “I just wanted to see someone.” So, Jackie stayed with her and talked for a while to make her feel better. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many residents are not able to have visitors and they don’t understand why their family can’t come see them. Jackie reassures them that everything will be okay and that she is there for them. 

Another special part of her job is working in the memory care unit at one of the nursing homes. After years of caring for her mom with Alzheimer’s, these residents have a special place in her heart. Jackie received specialized training through Interim’s Dementia Care Program, which equipped her to provide a greater level of care to her patients while advancing her professional skills.

As you get a glimpse into her story, it’s not hard to see, Jackie is made for this!

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