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Joshua B. - "Loyal"

Some life experiences redirect your path and lead precisely to where you were meant to be.

This is Joshua’s story. Influenced by his mother’s compassionate care for others as a CNA and for his grandmother, he learned how significant a caregiver can be to someone in need. She instilled this in him at an early age, and later, when his mother’s health declined, Joshua became her caregiver. 

In 2003, Joshua’s story unfolded further when his daughter was born prematurely with a disability. The challenges she faced at such a young age were monumental and it impacted Joshua’s perspective on what was truly important in life. At the time, he was working in Help Desk Support, but this created a desire to do something more meaningful; something that would make a difference in the lives of others. This led Joshua to pursue a career in home healthcare.

In December 2010, Joshua began working as a CNA for Interim HealthCare in Fort Collins, Colorado. His personal experience with home care for his daughter inspired him to be the kind of caregiver he is today. When Joshua first meets a patient, he does his best to put them at ease and bring them joy, rather than focusing solely on a list of to dos. This makes a big difference and has led to many special relationships with his clients. Joshua has six or seven adopted grandmas that he cares for who have taken him under their wing and given him guidance over the years, which he cherishes.

Joshua’s goal is enrich the lives of his patients during the time he is there, so that they are smiling, laughing and more comfortable by the time he leaves. Care that lifts the spirit is a fundamental part of Interim’s HomeLife Enrichment® standard of care, and what sets them apart from every other provider.

Bringing joy to his clients comes in many forms. For one patient, it’s found in watching her cat, Benedict, play gleefully in the sheets while Joshua attempts to make the bed over and over and over. Due to her health, she can’t really play with him, so watching the two interact brings her so much happiness. For others, joy is found in Joshua lending a helping hand around the house once his CNA responsibilities are done. In home care, it’s the little things that sometimes mean the most.

If you had to describe Joshua in one word, it would be loyal. He’s there for the long haul and every patient is important to him. Joshua has cared for some of his patients for more than seven years and they have formed strong bonds as a result. His passion for providing quality care born out of his own life experiences have made him a phenomenal CNA. Without question, Joshua is made for this!

Our Company

Interim HealthCare is the nation’s first home care company. A leader in our industry, we’ve been matching compassionate caregivers like you to clients in their homes since 1966. While we are national in scope, we operate through 300+ locally owned offices. At Interim, we are passionate about providing the kind of personalized care you can’t find anywhere else. We are a family of caregivers who are changing lives. It’s who we are.


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