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Kathy D. - "Hopeful"

In a unique twist of events, this nurse became the patient and so discovered she was made for home care.

Kathy is an RN for Interim HealthCare in Greenville with more than 35 years of nursing experience under her belt. From the beginning of her career until now, she has always been a patient advocate.

One day, Kathy was headed to the OR when a patient grabbed her hand and said, “I can’t have this surgery today. If I go to surgery, I’m going to die.” Even though she was a new nurse, she knew what she had to do. So, she stopped everything and called the surgeon and said, “My nursing oath says I’m this patient’s advocate and he’s saying he can’t have this surgery today.” It was a bold move, but it was the right one and she won the respect of the surgeon and her colleagues as a result. That night she realized, this is why she became a nurse.  

In 2017, Kathy ruptured her appendix and had to have emergency surgery which led to a bad infection. She needed a home health service to come in and administer care. That provider was Interim HealthCare. They took excellent care of her and went the extra mile when changing her dressings that were very painful—and they worked around her schedule to do it. That’s when Kathy realized, home care was something she could do. It would offer the autonomy and flexibility she wanted and enable her to provide individualized care. What’s more, it would take down the silent barrier that so often exists and allow her to step into the personal lives of her patients. A woman of strong faith, Kathy knew this is what she was supposed to do.

For Kathy, the best part of home care is the flexibility. She is a weekend Nursing Supervisor and works all of her hours between Friday and Monday, enabling her to care for her grandchildren during the week. Home healthcare professionals must be flexible too, as every single day is different. Situations change rapidly and you have to troubleshoot on the fly—that’s the joy in it for her.

The most rewarding experience to date was her involvement in Interim’s Rapid Response Team, a group that stepped up to serve COVID-19 positive patients during a critical time. As a result, she has been able to share that experience with fellow nurses to address the fears and stigma associated with it and offer insights that will keep them safe.

Kathy infuses hope into the lives of the patients she serves. To the best of her ability she is going to stand by them and make a bad situation better. Her story is one of inspiration and revelation of what nursing should be. Without a doubt, Kathy is made for this!

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