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Marian K. - Dependable

"I can't think of anything I would rather do. I’m really happy taking care of people and being a nurse."

It means a lot to Marian to be available to others when they need her, whether at work or at home. When she’s working, she wants to be there for every single patient; and when she’s home, she wants to be there to care for the needs of her family. Interim HealthCare® Staffing gives her the freedom and flexibility to do that, and she loves it.

Work-life balance is really big for Marian. She is often juggling her time between doctor’s appointments  and other needs for her mom who had a stroke in 2012, her husband who is legally blind and her adult son who has some developmental issues. In a permanent position, it would be very challenging to take time off and find coverage for shifts that interfered with their appointments, but now, she simply schedules her shifts around them. This works out really well for Marian and her family.

Marian joined Interim HealthCare Staffing in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2016 as an LPN. She has more than 20 years of nursing experience working in all phases of the care continuum, from rehab and home health to long-term care and hospice. She loves meeting new people, moving from facility to facility and the variety of work experiences it offers—it keeps her on her toes and her skills high.

The most rewarding part of Marian’s job is the flexibility she has to write her own schedule and the support she receives from the staff. They are always very friendly, accommodating and accessible. When Marian needs to reach them, she doesn’t need to wait until regular business hours, someone is always available to answer questions or resolve any issues that arise, and she really appreciates that.

Marian enjoys getting to know her patients personally, and many of them remember her when she’s been gone for a while and are eager to spend time with her when she returns. For Marian, it makes the job worth it to spend an extra five minutes with each person just to make their day. When she is caring for dementia patients, she takes time to reminisce with them about older things that they can still remember, such as cars, hobbies and other interests. She loves to see the brightness in their eyes as they make a connection with something they lost that they have now regained. Meeting individuals right where they’re at and bringing joy to their day is all part of Interim HealthCare’s HomeLife Enrichment® standard of care, and something Marian does well.Healthcare staffing has been an ideal career choice for Marian in many ways. By nature, she is a flexible person and not much gets to her. She can step into almost any situation, evaluate a problem quickly and begin to solve it. Years of experience have made Marian confident in her role as a nurse and she doesn’t second guess herself. What’s more, she’s dependable and she thrives on the challenges and change that comes with staffing. It’s so clear to see, Marian is made for this!

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