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Tricia S. - "Justice"

"You're fired!" That's what one hospice patient would say to Tricia every time he saw her.

The bonds between them were so strong, that he would end every day with these hilarious, heartfelt words. You see, he just needed to know Tricia wasn’t going anywhere. He needed assurance that she would stay by his side as he approached the end of his journey—and she did up until his last breath. It was in his final moments of life that Tricia knew, this is what she was meant to do. What’s more, this is what she wanted to do.

Tricia is an RN Case Manager for Interim HealthCare Hospice in Waco who found her calling to care for others in the final stages of life. An advocate in many ways, she sees the little things that others may not notice and she makes it her mission to fix any injustices that will make a patient’s life better.

In Hospice, you need to be able to think critically and be ready to use all of your skills in a moment’s notice in order to respond to a changing situation. The most rewarding part of Tricia’s job is the ability to make a difference in someone’s life and watch their fear turn to courage because she taught them what to do. Educating clients and their families on how to manage their care and the different challenges they face is all part of the Interim HealthCare Hospice philosophy.

Tricia helped one patient with severe COPD turn things around by teaching him how to respond to panic attacks resulting from respiratory distress. One day he came to her so excited and said, “I had a panic attack last night, but I got it to stop really quick because I listened and I did what you told me to do.” For Tricia, these are the moments that make the hard ones worth it.

These are the stories that fill Tricia’s life and make her the amazing and compassionate nurse she is today. In every way, she is made for this!  

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