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Vallie J. - "Blessed"

Not every caregiver is born knowing this is what they were meant to do; sometimes life reveals your true calling.

This is Vallie’s story. She has been a CNA and a Home Health Aide at Interim HealthCare in Tallahassee for the last 13 years and is a recent graduate of the Company’s PIN Program, specialized training courses designed to help caregivers expand their skills and progress in their career.

Caring for others is Vallie’s passion, but she didn’t realize it until her aunt became ill and she was unable to help care for her. This is what motivated her to become a CNA. Vallie comes from a family of nurses, but it was this experience that showed her, helping others was her passion too.

The most rewarding part of her job are the relationships she builds and the ability to help others do things that make them happy. Vallie genuinely cares for each patient and she goes above and beyond to make them feel comfortable. So, when a male patient expressed his discomfort with having a female caregiver, Vallie made every effort to calm his anxieties. She listened to him and reassured him that she would show him every respect to make him feel comfortable. He was so grateful and impressed by her professionalism that he called the office to give her kudos.

Vallie feels very blessed to help care for others every day. Without a doubt, she is made for this!

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Interim HealthCare is the nation’s first home care company. A leader in our industry, we’ve been matching compassionate caregivers like you to clients in their homes since 1966. While we are national in scope, we operate through 300+ locally owned offices. At Interim, we are passionate about providing the kind of personalized care you can’t find anywhere else. We are a family of caregivers who are changing lives. It’s who we are.


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